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Formosa Chocolates

Midautumn Mooncake Chocolate Boxes

Midautumn Mooncake Chocolate Boxes

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中秋節快樂! A collection of bonbons for those of us who would prefer to celebrate Midautumn Festival with chocolate than traditional mooncakes. 

9/25/23 update! Please note: we are currently sold out, but due to popular demand, we will restock a limited number of boxes this week.  You may go ahead and place an order now, and we will do our best to get them shipped in the next couple days, but it may not arrive in time for the Midautumn Festival.

-Dark mooncake: apricot pâte de fruit and hojicha ganache in a dark chocolate shell.  contains dairy, soy
-Light mooncake: black sesame almond praliné in a toasted white chocolate shell.  contains dairy, sesame, tree nuts, soy
-Pineapple: Taiwanese pineapple cake in a bonbon, based on a family* recipe, in a dark chocolate shell. contains dairy, wheat, egg, tree nuts, soy
-Purple Uni: blackberry pate de fruit atop a Tahitian vanilla ganache.  contains dairy, soy


Box A: 2 pc box containing one of each mooncake flavor

Box B: 5 pc assortment of the above

Box C: 12 pc - 3 pcs each dark and light mooncakes, pineapple cakes, 3 pcs blackberry vanilla.

Box D: 22 pc - 6 pcs each dark and light mooncakes, 6 pcs pineapple cakes, 4 pcs blackberry vanilla


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