About Kimberly and Formosa Chocolates

Kimberly in black

On a whim, Kimberly enrolled in a chocolate bootcamp course at the International Culinary Center in NYC in the fall of 2018 and quickly became obsessed with art and science of making fine chocolates. This led to further classes with Chefs Melissa Coppel and Martin Diez, and even more training with Ecole Chocolat in Belgium. She eventually left her job as a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente to focus her attention on chocolate and starting her own chocolate company.

Formosa Chocolates proudly handcrafts luxury chocolates in small batches in Oakland, California. We are deeply influenced by Taiwanese hospitality and gift-giving traditions, and thus, only the highest quality ingredients and stylish presentation will do! They are perfect whether treating loved ones on a special occasion, or simply part of a self-care ritual on a Wednesday.