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The following flavors will be in 12 and 24 pc assortments.  Smaller boxes will have a random mix.  Illustrated flavor guides will be included with each order.  Please note that there may be duplicates in boxes with dietary restrictions.
Guayaquil: dark chocolate ganache to satisfy any purist (GF, AF)
Passionfruit: tangy passionfruit, Kim's favorite! (GF, AF)
Raspberry: sun-ripened raspberry  (GF, AF)
Whisky: Taiwanese Kavalan whisky, honey, and milk chocolate (GF)
Blood Orange Speculoos: a favorite recipe from Belgium with blood orange ganache, hazelnut praliné, speculoos cookie (AF)
Cherry Caramel: Morello cherry (griotte) caramel (GF)
Coffee Caramel: Formosan Coffee in dark caramel (GF)
Peanut Butter: creamy peanut butter, pure nostalgia! (V, GF, AF)
Hazelnut Crunch: hazelnut 3 ways - roasted, candied, and praliné (V, GF, AF)
Ipanema: salted coconut caramel, toasted passionfruit caramel in praliné (V, GF, AF)
Banana Caramel: luscious bananas blended with creamy caramel (GF, AF) 
Salted Caramel: silky, salted French butter caramel (GF, AF)