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Formosa Chocolates

Pineapple cake 5 pc

Pineapple cake 5 pc

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鳳梨酥 or feng li su are traditional Taiwanese pineapple cakes consisting of a thick, jammy pineapple filling, and a crumbly shortbread crust. The name is a homophone for “good fortune is coming,” which is why it’s such a popular gift among Taiwanese.

This recipe was based on a family recipe, and adapted to fit in a bonbon. First, I took 9 kilograms of pineapple, and cooked and cooked some more (basically over two days), until the sugar from the fruit caramelized. Winter melon is sometimes used to cut costs, but in Formosa kitchen, we don’t do things by halves. You get the full intensity of 20 lbs of pineapple here. 😅 I then slow-roasted California almonds, and ground them into a smooth praliné in my melanger. This was then blitzed with shortbread and caramelized chocolate to make the “crust.” Sooo much work. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

5 pcs

contains dairy, wheat, tree nuts, soy


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