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Formosa Chocolates

Formosa Labs Sample Pack

Formosa Labs Sample Pack

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This summer, we have been busy at work creating our own toasted white "less sweet" couverture, and blending it with exquisite teas from one of our favorite tea purveyors in SF, Song Tea.

For a limited time, we are offering 6 pack mini tasting bar samplers, and would greatly appreciate your feedback on them! In exchange for completing a brief survey, we would like to send you a $10 gift certificate toward future Formosa Chocolates purchases.

Current flavors include:

1. Formosa Toasted White #1

2. Formosa Toasted White #2

3. Earl Grey Dark Milk

4. Old Grove Honey Orchid Oolong

5. Nantou Dark Oolong

6. A Different Eighteen 

7. Fabula Tea 8 year Shu Pu-Er

8. Fabula Tea Forest Dancong

9. Tea on Piedmont Hojicha Milk


This list will be edited to include new flavors as they are being developed!


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