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Formosa Chocolates

Chocolate Pearl Guava

Chocolate Pearl Guava

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Dried Taiwanese pearl guava enrobed in 60% dark chocolate.  Featuring pearl guava from our friends at Yunhai

From Yunhai:

Pearl Guava is the most perfumey and vegetal of fruits. Taste the entire universe in a single bite. This fruit has so little sugar that we need to add a touch to ensure it’s properly preserved. Delicious with a cup of oolong tea.

This product is part of a line of dried fruit that we created via crowdfunding on Kickstarter to support Taiwanese farmers that are vulnerable to trade volatility between Taiwan and China. We started this project in March of 2021, when China banned imports of Taiwan pineapples nearly overnight, wiping out 90% of Taiwan's export market and leaving farmers scrambling to find buyers. Wax Apple were banned as recently as September 2021. We work directly with farmers and farmer-owned coops to source, purchase, and package the fruit, with the intent to ease at least some of the dependency on trade with China.

Vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free. contains SOY

net wt 50 g (1.8 oz)
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